About Akoya Solutions

About the founder

Flavia Schneider’s particular strength lies in the fact that she can combine practical experience and strategy, which helps her to quickly understand a situation, identify the problem areas and then immediately work out a solution.

A graduate of the University of Lausanne and  Lucerne’s University of Applied Sciences and Arts with a focus on finance and management, Flavia has worked in business management for more than twenty years. She  has gained experience in finance, adminstratioin, human resources,  operational audit and control. As a project manager she has coordinated projects and events for both multinational companies and SMEs in the public and private sectors.

Flavia works with a small team of committed, efficient professionals who are specialists in their particular fields.

With Akoya Solutions, you are guaranteed a confidential and professional service, as Flavia’s  one credo is : “The client remains in control under all circumstances.”

When you choose Akoya Solutions, you can rest assured that all your personal and business matters are handled correctly. Akoya Solutions is at your side!

Our values

Akoya Solutions is a trustworthy partner, in all matters discretion and confidentiality are guaranteed. All Akoya service providers are recognised professionals based in Switzerland.

We can reduce your daily stress by taking over all or part of your administrative responsibilities  – although your  autonomy and control are guaranteed. 

Why choose Akoya Solutions ?

  1. Management and administration tasks are our daily business:
        We have over twenty years of experience in these areas.
  2. We are organised to respond quickly to your needs.
  3. We speak several languages (English, French, German, other languages on demand).
  4. We provide a flexible service, at any time and for the duration you want, we are by your side.

Akoya Solutions Sàrl | Chemin des Cerisiers 3b | 1806 St-Légier
+41 21 944 99 12 | info@akoya-solutions.ch

Akoya Solutions Sàrl
Chemin des Cerisiers 3b
1806 St-Légier
+41 21 944 99 12

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